Local Delivery Discounts

We are offering special discounts* on freight delivery charges of all our display fridges that are in stock. Freight can be expensive for display refrigerators because of the glass doors. But we would not trust our fridges to be delivered by anyone except professional sensitive freight carriers. Equipped with tail gate hydraulic lifts the carriers carefully roll the units off the truck and into your nominated position, eliminating the need for forklift or cumbersome unpacking from crates or skids. Standard freight carriers do not take the care that sensitive freight carriers do, and not many shops have a forklift.


Since COVID started, freight has continued to go up exponentially, more specifically import freight. Recently an article mentioned prices have gone up from at least 50% to over 200% and we are seeing the upper end of that. Let’s not kid ourselves either, long gone are the days that many (if any) glass door fridges are actually really manufactured here in Australia, if they are its just usually assembly of pre-made components.


We have decided to take a hit on local freight prices to run out current stock with more due in soon. We have plenty of stock of new HMC Low-Cost single and double glass door retail fridges. We still have several of our premium energy efficient HPM Pinnacle display refrigerators in one, two or three door models. We also have plenty of other new and used or ex-rental stock on our website or clearance list here: https://huxford.com.au/promotions-en/clearance-products-price-meltdown/.


So, get in quick before we have no choice but to increase stock prices soon and return delivery prices to normal!


*This is a limited time deal that expires when we Huxford Refrigeration advise. The local delivery discount deal applies to current stock in warehouses only (although we may elect to offer it for a future order/backorder), while stocks last, subject to prior sale or delivery. Discount is applied to delivery at time of quotation and varies according to customer delivery location distance from Huxford Refrigeration stock warehouse location. Contact us for more detailed information.