Why are freight charges higher for refrigeration units?

We use specialised and custom freight forwarders who understand the care and attention required for the transportation and delivery of glass door refrigerated units. Obviously, glass is fragile and our transport companies take care in safely securing and protecting units during transportation.

Our drivers use hydraulic lifts on their trucks and take the time to ensure a smooth roll-in position delivery into your business. This is why we ask if your delivery location is "non-standard"? If our transport company cannot lower their truck hydraulic tail lift and roll refrigeration units directly in, we need to know so we can make allowances - before they arrive. Especially if the units you purchase do not have castors or rollers, we need to make sure trolleys are suitable. Our drivers are experienced in refrigeration unit delivery BUT they need to know about stairs, lifts, locked access points and any other possible issues they might run into delivering your units into position.

Common freight forwarders are obviously cheaper, but they usually only deliver pallet style packages and more often than not retailers do not own or have access to forklifts. Common commercial display refrigerators have castors and are quite heavy, so rollers/castors are not easily or safely removed or replaced. Care must be taken when forklifting refrigeration units to ensure no damage to the castors with the fork tines. Forklift drivers have accidentally punctured or damaged the refrigeration components or electrical wiring which for the majority of our units, the refrigeration components are located at the bottom for ease of access. Also, because of the height of units they can easily topple on forklifts when on uneven ground or even from a slight wind gust. All of these reasons are why we do not recommend the use of forklifts to install or move refrigerated units.