Warranty Terms


Commercial Display Refrigeration units are very different to any home refrigerator. Display refrigeration needs to be able to: withstand heavy customer use; have glass doors instead of solid (glass is not known for its insulation properties): withstand various environmental conditions (heat, humidity, dust, food acids, etc). As such, their cooling componentry has more moving parts and require maintenance for longevity. Refrigeration units are important investments for business, we would even go so far as to suggest they are the most important asset, especially in food service and kitchens. You wouldn’t not service your brand new car so “refrigerated merchandisers” should be treated the same way - so if YOU CARE = WE CARE.

Warranty Overview

All Huxford products come with a Standard Warranty with the possibility of extension (up to a maximum period of 5 years) with our exclusive Huxford Extended Customer Care Warranty. This totals the Maximum Warranty Years.

What is the Standard Warranty?

The Standard Warranty is explained in full detail below, in short it is the period of warranty you will receive for Huxford purchased items. This warranty period is not subject to any customer care or maintenance, although we always recommend it.

What is the Extended Customer Care Warranty?

The Extended Customer Care Warranty is a possible extension of the Standard Warranty terms, subject to the customer: registering the product; performing qualified maintenance once a year; uploading the evidence to us at www.huxford.com.au/warranty/warranty-registration; all within the specified time periods and as per our requirements detailed. We (Huxford) notify the customer with their nominated email along the way until the possible extension period expires.

Huxford Refrigeration Standard Warranty Terms

Please thoroughly read the above document for more warranty information.