EOFY 2020 - Australian Government - Australian Tax Office - Instant asset write-off for Eligible Businesses

ATO Tax Write Off & Huxford - Happy to Negotiate

Australian small business are eligible for an instant asset write-off, up to $150,000 until the end of this financial year - June 30th 2020. Parliament has proposed to extend the offer until 31st December 2020, but this isn’t law yet. The asset must be purchased, used or installed ready for use in the same financial year, multiple assets can be purchased as long as it doesn’t exceed the $150,000, and the asset can be used or new equipment. Read more about the eligibility criteria and more detailed information here on the official ATO site: https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/Depreciation-and-capital-expenses-and-allowances/Simpler-depreciation-for-small-business/Instant-asset-write-off/

Huxford – Happy to Negotiate on Price

At Huxford Refrigeration we are the Designer, Manufacturer and Importer. Our refrigeration units have undergone decades of continuous improvements specifically made to suit the harsh Australian and Oceania regions, range of temperature changes, humidity and often at times rough working conditions.

Historically Huxford has dealt directly with corporate clients but now we believe that everyone should be able to access refrigeration designed by an Australian business to suit Australian and Oceania conditions and importantly, we are here to negotiate where we can. In other words, our list pricing is negotiable especially for smaller struggling businesses in the current climate. All “reasonable” offers will be considered so get on our website chat, email, call us or even drop into our head office at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

Quality is not expensive, its priceless. Beware of cheap commercial display refrigeration solutions as they are most likely:

  • only a drinks fridge (0 to 8/10°C not suitable for food as classified by MEPS legislation),
  • highly inefficient – substandard componentry and refrigeration systems = high ongoing electricity charges,
  • prone to condensation (water forming/dripping from the glass) - especially in hotter humid temperatures,
  • do not meet Australian standard requirements for electrical safety and wiring (a potential insurance and litigation risk),
  • not supported by agents with local spares or parts,
  • offer scant warranties (sounds great until you read the fine print),
  • made with substandard materials, non-tempered glass doors, non-metal casing, non-UV protected plastics, low grade or non-existent castors, strip lighting instead of LED tubes all of which can lead to an approximate 2-3 years life span, durable or with long lasting materials.

At Huxford we sell market leading refrigeration that have:

  • low energy consumption and subsequent low running costs,
  • eco-friendly options (such as R290 natural refrigerant gas),
  • quality/durable designs,
  • removable refrigeration service packages (for ease and cost-efficient service),
  • high performance/fast pull-down (as required by many corporate clients),
  • Australian & New Zealand Government MEPS legislation tested and certified units that are food safe for high risk or potentially hazardous foods (dairy, meat, seafood, poultry, etc).

We also have many standard features which sets us apart from the cheap competition. Check out our extensive list of detailed features on every product page: https://huxford.com.au/shop-browse