HUXFORD - Same Quality & Professionalism – Upgrade & New Website

Huxford Refrigeration has been directly supplying refrigeration units mainly to large corporates in the Asia Pacific region since 2012. With over 12,000 units sold of our corporate powerhouse units - the Huxford BMH range. The BMH is renowned for its quality, durability, removable service package, high energy efficiency and low power consumption.

For years the Huxford brand was mainly available to re-sellers and distributors, but we have cut out the middleman to focus on helping business owners save money, cutting their electricity costs and reducing their environmental impact. Power consumption seems to be overlooked instead for a cheap outright bargain price on units that don’t even comply with basic Australian/New Zealand government legislation for MEPS (minimum energy performance standards). What’s more these cheap display fridges we see often are not even food safe, yet being used for food sale and storage.


Our fridges are designed in Australia for Australian conditions by an
Australian owned and operated business.


What’s New?

  • Website Name Change - We have shortened our domain name from to this brings both our website and emails into line, some old page links in search engines may no longer exist, which is why you could have been redirected to this page, others will redirect to the new pages on

  • Warranty – Huxford is proud to offer its new Warranty system for exclusive products that can have the Warranty extended. There’s Standard Warranty up to 2 years, the Extended Customer Care Warranty extends the warranty up to 3 additional years, for a maximum total warranty of up to 5 years!*

  • HCT Range – Huxford’s exclusive brand new HCT range of trial countertops have landed and almost ready for sale. These units feature:
    • High energy efficiency and low energy consumption:
      • Small HCT65 costing approx. $254.59 @ $0.25KWh per year in electricity charges¹
      • Medium HCT85 costing approx. $265.54 @ $0.25KWh per year in electricity charges¹
      • Large HCT125 costing approx. $292.91 @ $0.25KWh per year in electricity charges¹
    • SAFE for Dairy (Milk), Food, Meat, Seafood (any “potentially hazardous” or “high risk foods” as classified by Aust/NZ MEPS legislation
    • Fully MEPS tested to Australian/New Zealand government required legislation with “3M1” rating and MEPS efficiency ratings
    • Plus, contrary to what we see in the market, no lies about the above facts

  • Technical/News/FAQs – Huxford now has a “Technical”, “News” and “FAQ” page, as mentioned above we will be including these in our monthly marketing newsletter.

  • Newsletter – The new Huxford monthly newsletter will contain "Technical/News/FAQ’s", useful and informative information to aid you as business owners make informed decisions about: purchasing, maintenance, problems/issues, industry marketing deceptions and more. All specifically for commercial display refrigeration units. We will also include specials, deals, discounts and more that will not always be available on the website.

Huxford Refrigeration History

Huxford Refrigeration has a history of development and improvement of Commercial Display Refrigeration Merchandisers for over 34 years, which pre-dates the founding of Huxford Refrigeration in 2012. Our director began working with manufacturing refrigeration units at the age of 21 at his father’s business which sadly closed its doors back in 2011. Read more about Huxford here.

* Huxford Refrigeration Terms & Conditions apply, refer for more information

¹ Performed under test conditions, heavy customer usage would obviously cost more.