Huxford Refrigeration Terms and Conditions of Warranty

Huxford Refrigeration “Huxford” warrants to the original purchaser “customer” who has purchased any of its following “product/s” that they be free from defects in workmanship and material for their respective periods as set out below from and including the date of invoice. This is referred to as the “Standard Warranty”, “Warranty” or “Warranty Period”. It is, however, expressly agreed that to the extent permitted by Australian law.Huxford’s “Extended Customer Care Warranty” is a possible extension of the Standard Warranty or Warranty Period - subject to customer obligations and conditions which totals the “Maximum Warranty Years”.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You (the customer or purchaser) are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are entitled to have the Huxford products repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

This warranty does not replace any previous communicated or implied warranty and is only applicable to products sold and registered after 1st March 2020 within Australia. For overseas or international customers specific warranty terms are negotiated on a “case by case” basis.

Definitions: “Standard Warranty”, “Extended Customer Care Warranty” & “Maximum Warranty Years”

Standard Warranty is the period of time in years of warranty the original purchaser (the “customer”) is entitled to for the product/s purchased, which starts from the date of invoice. This may also be referred to in this document as the warranty period. The maximum Standard Warranty period is two years, but varies per product (refer to table 1 on page 3). If the customer performs no obligations (refer to the Extended Customer Care Warranty) this period will expire at the Standard Warranty period (refer table 1, in orange on page 3), therefore it is not possible to extend the warranty period to the Maximum Warranty Years (refer table 1 in blue on page 3).

Extended Customer Care Warranty is the extendable period of time in years that the terms of the Standard Warranty period are possible for, for selected product/s (refer to table 1 on page 3). This extension is subject to the customer carrying out certain obligations (refer to page 8-9). If the customer required obligations have been met and confirmed by Huxford, this can also be referred to as the warranty period. The maximum Extended Customer Care Warranty period is four years, but varies by product (refer to table 1 on page 3).

Maximum Warranty Years is the total warranty period in years for purchased product/s, which equals the Standard Warranty years plus the Extended Customer Care Warranty years (so long as the customer obligations have been met and confirmed by Huxford). In any case the Maximum Warranty Years possible are a maximum of five years, unless otherwise confirmed by Huxford in writing (refer to table 1 on page 3).

TABLE 1 – Huxford Models & Warranty Periods

Note that the Standard Warranty and Extendable Customer Care Warranty added together form the Maximum Warranty Years total which are possible subject to customer obligations and conditions being met.

Standard Warranty

Should the customer find any defect in material or workmanship within the Standard Warranty / Warranty Period, Huxford will, at its sole discretion, either replace the product/s or repair the product/s, at no cost, subject to the following terms and conditions (“Warranty”).

  1. The Warranty applies if and only if, the customer has used the product/s in accordance with the directions given by Huxford and strictly for the purpose to which the product/s is/are intended.

  2. The Warranty Period begins on the original date of purchase, being the date stated on Huxford’s invoice or the invoice of Huxford’s authorised dealer (“invoice”).

  3. The Warranty is valid only for product/s originally purchased and used within Australia. For overseas and international customers Warranty terms should be negotiated with Huxford before purchasing.

  4. The Warranty (Standard Warranty or Warranty Period) is non-transferable from the original purchaser (customer) and original delivery location.

  5. The Warranty period is not applicable to “corporate” customers. The definition of a “corporate” customer is solely at the discretion of Huxford - but is generally considered any customer that:
    • does not pay standard retail price (as shown on the Huxford website)
    • or receive standard resellers discount (off Huxford website pricing, if applicable)
    • purchases multiple product and/or receives pricing less than the items above.

  6. To be eligible for the Extendable Customer Care Warranty (refer pages 2-3 and 8-10) the customer must perform obligations and conditions (refer pages 8-10), upon which being met and confirmed in writing by Huxford, shall extend the Standard Warranty period annually, until the Maximum Warranty Years period is met (refer page 3).

  7. The customer must provide to Huxford, details of the invoice including serial number and model code when making a claim under the Warranty. Warranty claims or Warranty Service Requests must be made online at

  8. Regardless of the Warranty claim outcome, credit card details must be provided for preauthorisation before any Warranty inspection is actioned by Huxford - in the event that the claim is in fact not a Warranty claim. More than 50% of Warranty claims are actually not Warranty claimable. Huxford is NOT charging your credit card. A pre-authorisation is a five day security guarantee for payment only. The pre-authorisation fund is not held by Huxford, it is the institution of the customer that provides the credit card system or the authorising bank. The pre-authorisation fund is held on your card by your own issuing institution. The pre-authorisation amount is $200.00 plus GST.
    • Successful Warranty claim – In the event of a successful Warranty claim Huxford will not process the pre-authorisation, which expires 5 days after it has been processed.
    • Unsuccessful Warranty claim – In the event of unsuccessful Warranty claim Huxford will on-charge to the customer, the total service cost (invoice total from the service agent, which will be provided by email) plus an internal processing fee of $80.00 plus GST.

  9. Incorrect or incomplete details may delay the processing of the claim. Huxford reserves the right to charge the customer for all reasonable expenses if the information provided by the customer is incorrect or the product/s was/were in fact not originally purchased by the customer directly from Huxford.

  10. Huxford or its authorised agents, has the right to assess the product/s to determine the cause of the defect or warranty claim. The customer must make the product/s accessible for Huxford or its authorised agent to assess and, if applicable, to repair including removing all personal items in the way.

  11. If Huxford deem the Warranty to be successful and a replacement is issued the product/s must be safely packaged ready for shipment by the customer with all original components, including but not limited to shelves, lightboxes, manuals and keys. Any missing parts will be charged to the customer at Huxford retail price. Huxford will not cover costs associated with other equipment that is inhibiting or preventing access to any of its product/s in the event or Warranty repair or replacement.

  12. The Warranty does not apply:

    • If notice of the defect has not been given by the customer within the Warranty Period; or

    • If the defect arises from or in the reasonable opinion of Huxford or its authorised agent, is likely to arise from one or more of the following:
      • connection to improper, inadequate or faulty electricity;
      • damage or failure as a consequence of not removing the packaging or transportation materials before use;
      • natural wear and tear including but not limited to filters, fuses, lamps, batteries, handles, locks, hinges, glass or plastic components and liquid containing components;
      • extraordinary or unforeseeable events including but not limited to voltage/power surges, irregular electric power supply, natural events or disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, riots and sabotage;
      • improper use of cleaning agents, detergents, bleached or other chemical additives or agents of a corrosive nature;
      • breakage, either intentionally or accidently, to any part of the product/s;
      • any modification to, tampering with or repair or servicing of the product/s except by Huxford or its authorised agent or using parts not approved or authorised by Huxford;

    • improper, reckless, negligent or unsuited use of the product/s including but not limited to:
      1. use of an unspecified purpose;
      2. use in an environment where the ambient temperature and relative humidity are outside the operating parameters specified for the product;
      3. movement of the product/s when operation for clarity, the product/s is/are designed for stationary operation only and must be connected directly to a fixed wall power supply;
      4. improper adjustment made such as to the analogue thermostat or digital controller when the Product/s is/are in operation;

    • corrosion or damage caused by foreign objects externally or internally;

    • engine, mechanical or technical failure (but not limited to compressor failure) due to one or more of the following:
      • inadequate and/or irregular maintenance of the type specified or recommended by its manufacturer/Huxford) of components including but not limited to condensers and filters;
      • inadequate and/or irregular cleaning of the condenser (fortnightly and more frequently if required);
      • failure to provide adequate ventilation for the Product/s as specified or recommended by its manufacturer/Huxford;
      • fair wear and tear

    • to the full extent of permitted law our liability under Huxford warranty terms does not include:
      • any loss, cost, liability (which includes any loss of profits or any consequential loss) or damage of any kind, or expenses directly or indirectly rising from the use, or inability to use the goods or from any other cause
      • Breakage of glass.
      • Replacement of LED tubes or lighting.
      • Door gaskets/seals.
      • Plastic components.

  13. Huxford is not responsible for any damage caused by third parties, for example freight forwarders.

  14. Any warranty repair must be undertaken either by Huxford or an agent authorised by Huxford. Otherwise, Huxford is entitled to void the Warranty.

  15. The Warranty Period is not extended or renewed by any successful claim whereby the product/s is/are replaced or repaired.

  16. Huxford makes no representation as the timeframe within which any repair can or will be carried out. In general, any repair will be restricted to normal business hours, Monday to Friday (8am – 4pm), excluding public holidays and weekends. Huxford is not liable for the cost of the authorised service agents other than the time specified in this point. Huxford is not liable for a travelling time of more than 50 km’s from an authorised service agent, or 30 minutes from the service agent, whichever is lessor. For goods located outside this area, it is the customers responsibility and cost to transport the goods back and forth. When the customer is not able to transport the goods, the customer shall be responsible to pay an upfront payment (as per item 8) for Huxford to arrange transportation of the goods, and/or to any necessary travelling expenses for Huxford service agents to attend the service.

  17. Warranty back to base applies for any items that can be carried and placed into a standard vehicle (e.g.: counter tops or small ball coolers) is/are to be returned (or sent via pre-paid freight) to Huxford or its authorised agent. The customer shall agree to arrange pick up of the product/s, after it has been serviced.

  18. Where Huxford elects to replace rather than repair a product/s but no identical replacement is available, Huxford has the right to replace the product/s with one of a similar standard and design that its available from its range. Huxford is not responsible for the repacking and installation of any replacement.

Extendable Customer Care Warranty

  1. Huxford will extend the Warranty Period which is referred to as the “Extendable Customer Care Warranty”:
    • in one year increments;
    • after below customer obligations “a”, “b’, “c” and “d” are met;
    • for product/s listed in table 1 that show warranty extensions available for 2 up to 5 years;
    • for a maximum of 5 years only, on applicable products;
    • each yearly extension and previous year/s must be completed, submitted and confirmed by Huxford in successive order;
    • all product/s are subject to Huxford’s standard terms and conditions, all Standard Warranty conditions comply as per this document.

    Customer Actions:

  2. The following conditions must be met for all Warranty extensions:

    1. The customer must have registered the product/s on the Huxford website within 30 days from date of purchase, under and received email confirmation from Huxford.

    2. The customer must have the purchased product/s serviced by a qualified and registered refrigeration mechanic. The service must occur:
      1. For extension from 1 to 2 years, between 9 and 12 months after the original purchase date or invoice date.
      2. For extension from 2-3 years, between 21 and 24 months after the original purchase date or invoice date and completed “b.ii”
      3. For extension from 3-4 years, between 33 and 36 months after the original purchase date or invoice date and completed “b.iii”
      4. For extension from 4-5 years, between 45 and 48 months after the original purchase date or invoice date and completed “b.iv”

    3. The service invoice evidence (refer “b”) must show the following information (which is usually located on a sticker or plate found internally, close to the top on side walls):
      1. Huxford Model Number
      2. Huxford Serial Number
      3. Notation referring to general “service” and specifically “cleaning/cleaned the condenser” or similar wording.

    4. The invoice evidence of the service must be uploaded to the Huxford website in the same timeframe as in point “b” above. The last 3 months of the current warranty period (year to date from original date of purchase and applicable years after):
      1. Between 9 and 12 months from original date of purchase
      2. Between 21 and 24 months from original date of purchase
      3. Between 33 and 36 months from original date of purchase
      4. Between 45 and 48 months from original date of purchase

      Huxford will:

    5. if the customer meets the current years obligations (first service reminder occurs at 9 months from date or purchase activated after initial registration);

    6. send a single reminder to the customer by email, using the customer’s initially registered email address (this email can be changed at any time by notifying Huxford)
      1. of the service required to extend the Warranty at:
      2. 9 months from original date of purchase;
      3. 21 months from original date of purchase;
      4. 33 months from original date of purchase;
      5. 45 months from original date of purchase;

    7. Huxford, in the interest of extending the customer’s Warranty Period (ie. The Extendable Customer Care Warranty) may (but is not obligated to) try to make contact with the customer using any other of the customers registered details.

This Warranty is provided by Huxford Refrigeration Australia, please direct any questions or comments to:

Privacy Officer

Huxford Refrigeration

Unit 4 / 41 Dacmar Road

Coolum QLD 4573

Phone: 1800 489 367